interactive livestreams

You might not be able to physically gather with everyone who loved your someone right now.

Add a livestream to your service to shorten the distance between you and everyone longing to be there.

Customized virtual funeral

Professional camera operators
High quality video & audio
Virtual event support
Unlimited guests
Unlimited speakers
Memorial page to share invites
Memory slideshow on YouTube
1 hour planning session
30 min rehearsal with speakers
Speaker technical setup
HD recording of service
Digital story sharing app for after service
No extra costs for weekends or evenings

Starting at $500 USD

Available for viewings, services & burials

Interactive Livestream Memorials

We connect your community to in-person memorial services

Tell us a bit about your someone in the message section

Livestream Services Overview

High Quality Video and Audio
You don’t have to stress
that your guests will miss a moment because of blurry video or sound accidentally being muted. A professional camera operator will be on-site to handle it all.

Unlimited Guests
Our livestreams allow for unlimited guests from anywhere in the world with an internet connection so you can have the comfort and support of your far-reaching community.

Interactive Livestreams
In an interactive service, you can have anyone from anywhere speak, perform or pray in the program. Involve the family & friends who can’t be there in-person through a TV at the funeral home, displayed when it’s their turn to speak.

More Special Moments
There’s no need to feel limite
d. You can present pre-recorded eulogies, slideshows, or music from your far-away guests on a TV to make the day even more heartfelt.

Invitation Memorial Page
We create an invitation page you can share with your friends & family that includes detailed instructions on how to join the livestream service.

Tribute Slideshows
Send us all your photos, videos, and song choices, and we'll create unique tribute slideshows to honor your someone.

Digital Story Sharing
Friends and family can share a story or memory by video, voice or text. These stories can be collected before, during, and after the service and are hosted on the invitation page forever.

Virtual Event Support
A remote Afterword team member takes care of all the technology and troubleshoots your event in real-time so you can be in the moment.

Shareable Recording
You get a shareable recording of your event, the guest list, and the chat transcript from your guests so the memories are forever preserved.

We Go With You
We are with you every step of the way. Our camera operator will be there for viewings, services, and gravesite burials.

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Staffing Information

We’ll provide two staff members for each service.

Videographer. A professional videographer from our network will be on-site to film the service, using high quality cameras and microphones. They handle all aspects of setup and recording. If the funeral home has a built-in sound system, we can connect directly to that equipment, offering your family the highest quality streaming. 

Virtual Event Manager. An Afterword technical staff member will manage the virtual experience off-site. They’ll handle playing all slideshows, videos, music, and images. These can also be shown in your funeral homes by connecting the virtual service into a TV on-site. 

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