Virtual Funeral Service

Our company believes in one thing only, and that's giving you the best experience and capturing the memories of your loved one for you and your family to enjoy over their lifetime.

Who We Are

Zoom Homegoing is usually related with, affiliated with, or considers themselves to be integral parts of denominations, which are also called funeral homes in several traditions. 

How We Live

We are passionate about servicing the regional community as demonstrating God's love to others. Whether personally or online, people that use our service are all over the world.

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While you might not be able to feel the physical presence of everyone who loved your someone right now, you can still be together and celebrate the important end of life rituals. How you gather depends on where you are and your preferences, so we offer virtual and in-person memorials, as well as a combination of the two. You can honor your someone however feels right.

Virtual Funeral Service

From $375-$600

Unlimited guests
Memorial page to share invites
Professional event facilitators
Memory slideshow on YouTube
Digital story sharing app for after service
1 hour planning session
30 min rehearsal with speakers
Speaker technical setup
Recording of service

Livestream In-Person

From $500

Coordinate with funeral venue*
Full audio & video setup
Professional virtual event management
Memorial page on YouTube to share invites
Allow virtual guests to participate in program
Recording of service

* Following social distancing guidelines

Self-Guided Memorial

From $300


We meet with you to plan the order of the service: all the speakers, song selections, and photo slideshows you may want to include. Our staff will automatically mute, focus on speakers, and play media so you can be fully present.
We help lead the way with your vision of the perfect memorial and then hand it over to you to in digital format to use in your own way.

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Prayer is the most important thing you can do for the most important people in your life.

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